Nicholas Confuorto, Chief Operations Officer

Nick Confuorto, President, CR Clean Air

Nicholas Confuorto
Chief Operations Officer, the Clean Air Group, LLC.

Nicholas Confuorto (Nick) is the Chief Operations Officer for “the Clean Air Group, LLC.”  “The Clean Air Group, LLC” specializes in design and manufacture of exhaust gas cleaning systems for global industrial and marine applications.  Nick is also serving as the Chairman of the London based EGCSA (Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems Association).

Since receiving his engineering degree from Columbia University in 1976, Nicholas focused his career in the field of environmental controls and has worked for some of the most respected names in the air pollution controls industry.

Drawing on more than 36 years of consulting, engineering, project management, purchasing, sales, marketing and research and development experience, Nicholas counsels clients in the target industries who require air pollution control advice and systems.

Prior to his present position, Nick held roles such as Vice President – Sales/Marketing, Vice President – Operations, Vice President – Engineering, Purchasing Manager, Project Manager and Subcontracts Manager.

Nick has authored many technical papers and magazine articles on the reduction of pollutants from various industries.