Our Scrubbing Technologies

JET VENTURI SCRUBBER: Motivating fluid through propietary design. The Jet Venturi Scrubber utilizes a liquid motivated ejector design to entrain contaminated gases, generally without the need for a blower. The relatively high liquid-to-gas ratio, liquid atomization, and open internal design provide effective scrubbing of heavily contaminated gases with minimal maintenance and virtually unlimited turndown capabilities. Its ability to handle wide ranging conditions makes the Jet Venturi one of the most flexible designs available. It is often used as a first stage in a multi-stage air pollution control system.

PACKED TOWER SCRUBBER: Utilizing the most modern packing designs to provide contact between gas and liquid streams, the Packed Tower Scrubber achieves the extremely low toxic gas discharge limits required to meet emission standards.

HIGH ENERGY VENTURI SCRUBBER: Energy from a high-velocity dust laden gas stream is used to atomize a liquid stream and to generate cyclonic gas flow in the separator.

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