Wet Scrubber Solutions from the CR Clean Air Group, LLC

The Clean Air Group, LLC offers a complete line of scrubbers and packed towers. The CR Clean Air brand of venturi scrubber and packed towers are commonly utilized to treat plant effluent to guard against release of such toxic substances as HCL, chlorine, ammonia, Ethylene Oxide (ETO) and NOx, and can also recapture valuable byproducts, such as organic solvents and particulates.

The Clean Air Group, LLC has been involved in the design and manufacture of scrubbers for over 40 years. Our equipment is found in the Power, Chemical, Petrochemical and Paper industries, as well as Food, Pharmaceutical and Textile industries.

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The following is a series of mini‐case histories representative of our experience:

The emergency plan at a specialty chemical plant located in the Midwest relies on aThe Clean Air Group, LLC Packed Tower. In the unlikely event of a catastrophic release of ammonia from the plant’s refrigeration system due to an unexpected rupture, our once‐through tower would remove ammonia at an efficiency of 99% for a single valve release, and well over 90% over the entire range of operation.


Wet-ScrubbersA local chemical provider has never had a serious spill of phosphorus oxychloride (POC13), but its dedicated unloading facility is prepared for the worst case scenario. The stand-by emergency scrubbing protocol relies on a two-stageThe Clean Air Group, LLC system consisting of a 1st stage jet venturifume scrubber followed by a 2nd stage counter current packed tower to handle both POC13 and HCL emissions.

Speaking of HCL, we have a long history in providing HCL emission control systems to meet regulatory requirements while recovering byproduct for sale. This schematic below shows venturis and a heat exchanger for HCL recovery, as well as packed towers for tail gas scrubbing. Overall emissions from this system are typically 2 ppm or less.


In a tightened economy, it’s more important than ever to specify a pollution control system that serves your precise needs with the removal rate your local regulations demand. Overdesign increases purchase price and operating costs… under design results in an inadequate system, not capable of doing the job you require and possibly incurring fines for non‐performance.

The Clean Air Group, LLC ’s application engineers have years of experience in designing and optimizing units and systems. We do not deal in “standard” off‐the‐shelf models that “come close” to meeting the customer’s needs.

The Clean Air Group, LLC quotes systems with the highest efficiency and custom designs every order to meet each customers unique needs. Energy efficient solutions are inherit in CR’s design approach, and our proprietary software allows us to respond quickly and efficiently to even the most demanding application. We have over 40 years’ experience in the design and supply of a wide range of pollution control solutions.

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The CR Clean Air Group, LLC’s Team:
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