The Clean Air Group, LLC is recognized as a leader in the application of “wet” air pollution control strategies in a variety of industries. Our success in gas cleaning over the past 50 years has given us a breadth of experience that few companies can claim. The Clean Air Group, LLC has the chemical process engineering expertise to solve the toughest emissions problems.

Aerospace Industry

The Clean Air Group, LLC has designed gas cleaning equipment for rocket engine emissions for the Mercury and Apollo space mission programs as well as for Polaris and ICBM rocket fuel destruction. During the 1980’s, the Company was the sole source for the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) program to simulate outerspace using our Process Vacuum and Air Pollution control technology.

Agricultural Industry

Grain handling and/or processing operations have the potential to release particulate that can be effectively removed with venturi scrubbers. Fermentation of corn to generate ethanol also releases fugitive emissions that can be scrubbed with counter-current packed towers.


Where molded plastic parts or vinyl fabrics are produced, scrubbers are used to capture the sub-micron fumes produced in the heating process. Also, scrubbers are commonly used to treat metal treating off-gases for removal of acid gases and/or fine mists.

Bio Mass Refining and Fuel Gasification

Renewable fuels and alternative energy has looked too wet scrubbing to control acid gasses and particulates for an even greener technology.

Cement Industry

The fundamental ingredient in concrete is portland cement. The cement manufacturing process requires a great deal of energy to heat the mixture of raw materials in a cement kiln. The main source of toxic emissions from a portland cement plant is the kiln. The treatment of kiln exhaust is similar to most incinerators processes. Scrubbers are the best choices for control of acid gases, fine particulate, heavy metals as well as dioxin and furans. The MACT II regulations, yet to be finalized, for cement kilns are expected to limit emissions similarly to those for Hazardous Waste Incinerators with only slightly less stringent requirements for some of the specific contaminants.

Chemical Industry

The chemical process industry has been the Clean Air Group, LLC  primary market since the Company’s inception in 1917. Our experience with a multitude of chemicals and processes is the foundation of the Clean Air Group, LLC expertise in wet scrubbing. Clean Air Group, LLC broad experience runs from the treatment or relatively simple acid gases to exotic and severely toxic substances including NaCN, HCN, Phosgene and Arsine.

Electronics Industry

The semi-conductor, circuit board and electronics industry have multiple applications for air pollution control equipment from the control of cleaning solvents and acid gas to the capture of particulate matter.

Emergency Vents

The chemical industry is answering homeland security and EPA concerns for the mass release of toxic, hazardous gasses by employing large stand-alone, ever ready Emergency Vent Scrubbers employing integrated multi-stage scrubbing schemes. The Clean Group, LLC has several multimillion-dollar EVS systems installed for HCl, Cl2, & TCS.

Fertilizer Production

Ammoniated compounds, fluoride gases and organic acids created as submicron fumes require scrubbers for effective control.

Fiber Optics

The manufacture of fiber optics involves the integration of various metal compounds to assist with the refraction of light within the fiber. Production of fiber optics create gaseous and sub-micron particulate emissions that are extremely valuable to recapture. A major fiber optic manufacturer has purchased multiple scrubber systems from the Clean Air Group, LLC to not only meet air emission standards but to capture this valuable product. Not only has the Clean Air Group, LLC APC system reduced the customer’s emissions to bring them into regulatory compliance, but the high removal efficiency (99%) of the precious metals has paid for the system.

Glass Production

Silicate fumes and acid gases can occur in the production of various glasses. Acid gas scrubbers are extremely effective in controlling these emissions.

HVAC Industry

Large commercial facilities or industrial plants typically have indoor heating, venting and air conditioning systems that are susceptible to air pollutants from various sources- cooking establishment smoke, dust or fugitive air emissions from manufacturing processes. These indoor air pollutants can be handled with various APC technologies beyond air filters to control odors, gases and fine particulate similar to industrial flue-gas systems.


Waste incineration, such as sewage sludge, municipal solid waste and hazardous waste incineration are areas under particular scrutiny by regulators because of their multiple toxic pollutants. The Clean Air Group, LLC has been selected by several hazardous waste facilities to design and build integrated multiple pollutant air pollution control systems to replace existing scrubber systems to meet the new Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) standards.
In several instances, only a scrubber was required, in others a complete new quench/scrubber system was designed. These systems have been installed and tested with the results showing removal performance an order of magnitude beyond the standards.


Sterilization of medical instruments is required in the medical community. Either oxidizers or scrubbers have been used to control Ethylene Oxide (EtO), a gas typically used in the sterilization process. The Clean Air Group, LLC has become the recognized leader in EtO scrubbing with numerous installations at various sterilization facilities. Medical waste incinerator flue-gas treatment is another area of the Clean Air Group, LLC expertise.


Emissions produced in the steel industries are wide-ranging. These can include coke oven gas clean-up, acid gas removal, and furnace emission control.

Oil and Gas

A variety of refining and gas field sweetening scrubbing applications have long been a staple application. The Clean Air Group, LLC has been recognized as a preferred vendor for a leading refinery process licensor for the FCCU regeneration gas effluent clean-up. Here, particulates and HCl and Cl2 corrosive gasses are effectively scrubbed at ultra-high temperatures, protecting downstream equipment.

Paint Spray

Spray booths in automotive, golf ball, and parts applications generally require particle control from over-spray as well as VOC control. Wet scrubbers are effective in controlling the droplets and protecting the down-stream thermal oxidizers from fouling with the non-combustible inorganic pigments.

Petro-Chemical Industry

The Clean Air Group, LLC has provided many scrubbers (venturi type, ejector type, packed towers) for the chemical plant area of refineries. These have treated pollutants such as elemental sulfur, maleic anhydride, pthalic anhydride, ethylene oxide, hydrogen sulfide, etc. Our venturi scrubbers can be effectively utilized to handle the off-gases from FCCUs. Other specialized applications (for instance using Stretford Solution in an Ejector scrubber for high efficiency H2S removal) are not unusual for Clean Air Group, LLC.

Pharmaceutical Industry

The Clean Air Group, LLC has provided multi-stage scrubbing packages to most of the top multinational pharmaceutical companies for both production process and pilot pharmaceutical process off-gases. These specialized systems are design to accommodate wide variations in operating conditions and many different pollutants. The Clean Air Group, LLC has provided venturi scrubbers for particulate removal and packed towers for water-soluble VOC removal from tablet making processes.

Plastics Industry

For processes where plastics are molded or extruded (as evidenced by a “hazy” exhaust plume at the stack) scrubbers are used to treat the sub-micron particulates and oil mists generated. Certain other processes (e.g. Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic equipment fabrication) emit VOCs that can be captured with absorption.

Pulp & Paper Industry

Applications in pulp and paper include controlling particulate and VOC emissions from particle board production; sub-micron ammoniated compounds control; sulfur based emission controls; thermal oxidizer pretreatment; and acid mist control. Scrubbers are extremely effective with high removal efficiencies at low pressure drops. Additionally, the Clean Air Group, LLC supplies counter current packed towers for TRS removal, odor removal, Cl2 and ClO2 treatment.
Solar-Grade Poly-Silicon

Solar-Grade Poly-Silicon

The Clean Air Group, LLC is the go to expert in controlling Silane, Tetra and Tri Chloro Silane gasses released during low cost continuous polysilicon production for solar grade silicon.


The textile industry typically produces an oil mist haze that creates a visible plume from the stack. The haze comes from the oils, surfactants, and chemicals used in the manufacturing process as well as from machinery oil. Many facilities employ a scrubber or an oxidizer to remove the haze.

Water Treatment Industry

Odor control via the use of oxidizing reagents can be effectively accomplished using the Clean Air Group, LLC counter-current packed towers. Whether it is H2S, NH3, both or other odorous compounds we have the scrubber technology or absorber technology to satisfy treatment needs.

Wood Products

The wood products industry includes medium density fiberboard (MDF), oriented strand board (OSB) or particleboard plants where wood chips or fibers are treated with various chemicals to produce a wood product. Typically, the flue gas is first treated with a cyclone to knock out large particles and fibers, followed by a scrubber to control acid gases and sub-micron particulate/mist before being treated in an oxidizer of some design where non-condensibles are removed. Our expertise is in cleaning the gas of all acid gas, mist, and sub-micron particulate so as to protect the downstream catalyst in a regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) from being poisoned.