Integrated Systems

CR Clean Air Group offers you the choice of purchasing the custom-engineered equipment units only, or an entire integrated system ready to go, essentially “plug-n-play”. These systems can comprise of:

  • CR CAG engineered equipment (Jet Venturi, Packed Tower, Separator Tank, etc.
  • Buy-out equipment, “process-to-stack” ( hoods, ductwork, quench, fans/blowers, recirculation pumps, mist eliminators/candle filters, exhaust stack…)
  • Skids and support structures
  • Valves, Instruments, and Control Panels
  • Interconnecting piping 
  • Certified hydro and pressure testing

In a CR CAG engineered “plug-n-play” system, you have the confidence that everything is installed and tested properly, with no pointing fingers between sub-vendors. Delivered turnkey for easy installation. 

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Integrated Systems